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Happy Holidays From Gecko Designs!

December 20, 2021 Marshall Office Culture, News

This fall, we flew our two remote team members, Andrew and Matt, up to Montana to join us for our first ever Gecko Designs retreat! After much planning and deliberation, it was decided that we would spend our time together about 2½ hours north of our home office in Missoula at a beautiful house in Whitefish. Located at the base of Whitefish Mountain, the gargantuan house overlooked a smattering of conifers, many of which were in transition to winter and glowed a bright golden yellow. Just beyond and nestled in the trees rested the always gorgeous Whitefish Lake. To say it was picturesque would be a gross understatement.

It was the first time the entire team has had the pleasure of physically being together. And we took full advantage of it. We kicked things off here at the office – popped some champagne, cranked the music, and got to work on our M&M masterpiece – all hands on deck.

Let’s back up a little here. To be clear, we’ve had a vision for a paperless Holiday announcement for quite a while. We came up with some concepts early on, iterating on the design and how we would deliver it. After ordering custom M&M’s for a client’s trade show booth display, we were like, “wait… you can customize M&M’s? They have a whole library of colors to choose from? Hold my beer!” We immediately got to work on a large “paint-by-numbers” wintery Santa Gecko scene design onto which we would place our custom colored M&M’s when the team was all together. More hands make lighter work, right? With all 20 of our hands free to help out (minus those holding champagne glasses) we dove in and built the giant 5-foot by 4 ½-foot Gecko winter scene, one M&M at a time. 

Accompanied by laughter, conversation, loud music, and a little alcohol, we all got to know each other better – in-person – over thousands of M&M’s and a few days of work and play in Northwestern Montana. It was truly one for the books.

We would like to wish you the happiest of holidays from our team at Gecko Designs! Here’s to more collaboration, more creation, more team-building, and more partnership opportunities in 2022!

523 N Higgins Ave, Missoula
Katy Doss 2 weeks ago
We found Gecko Designs when we were in a huge bind with another website developer. Gecko jumped in and handled a huge technical project for our agency, and was a true pleasure to work with. We appreciated the thoughtfulness they brought to the project, and look forward to working with them again!
Jessica Zephyrs in the last week
Gecko took over a very complicated project when another agency wasn't able to finish, and we are very pleased with the partnership. The team is knowledgeable, efficient, excellent communicators, and adept problem solvers. So happy to be working with them.
Colleen Gallagher in the last week
After experiencing severe email deliverability issues for weeks, which is a huge problem for a small business, Gecko Designs was able to jump in and immediately uncover what was wrong and resolve the problems. They were extremely professional and helpful and I'm very grateful they got us up and running smoothly again.
Mackenzie Cole in the last week
We've worked with Gecko for nearly a decade. They've delivered two complicated sites for us and are always quick to help when we have a request or bump into an issue. They're great to work with, responsive, and solution oriented!
Donald Briggs 5 months ago
Because the service we received greatly exceeded our expectations; I wish more stars could be added to this Gecko review. When our firm, Briggs Architecture, relocated to Missoula in 2016, our website and brand did not reflect the desired image. Gecko listened to us, understood our mission, and helped us breakdown what seemed to be an insurmountable problem into manageable pieces and then brought it all together creatively. Gabe, Melissa, Kate and the whole Gecko team continue to update our website and manage our Google presence. They are very professional and fun to work with and I am more than happy to refer Gecko as the best provider with whom we've worked.