Least effective billboard ever?

May 12, 2021 Gabriel Design

We’ll do it ourselves

Well folks, here we have a prime example of why it might not be the best idea to design your own marketing material.

We don’t typically pick on other people’s work but when we do, we like to go big and we just couldn’t ignore this billboard.

It’s placed prominently on a local, highly trafficked street and I’ve been driving by it for weeks trying to figure out what’s being advertised. Then I spent weeks trying to get a picture of it while I drove by. Finally, Adam was able to get this picture after a couple tries.

The combination of a busy photo with distracting shadows, cursive fonts, outlined text, multiple logos and multiple messages make it a candidate for this year’s least effective billboard.

Until we saw this picture, we had made a number of guesses about what this was advertising. Some people thought it was a flight school. Others thought it was some sort of program for underprivileged youth in which they would get to fly in an airplane, perhaps for the first time. One person thought it was an advertisement for local gym Fuel Fitness. After all, their logo appears on this billboard no less than two times which in itself is strange.

Surely there is an explanation?

Well, after careful examination, our working theory is that Fuel Fitness and Fuel Fitness (remember, their logo is on here twice) support two organizations that help sick children with financial assistance and transportation. And also the owner has big muscles and his own airplane and we should know about both.

Let’s do better

It shouldn’t be hard to top this design. Really, throwing a bucket of paint at a wall would be more effective but let’s find a photo of a small airplane, some blue sky and clouds, logos for Fuel Fitness (just one would be fine), the Jadyn Fred Foundation, Angel Flight West and add some text.

And let’s not forget a guy with big muscles.

And there ya have it! You’re welcome.

523 N Higgins Ave, Missoula
Elizabeth Billings 2 weeks ago
I have been working with Gecko Designs for about a year now. They are quick to respond to my requests. Their team is fast and professional. I have enjoyed working with them and would recommend them to anyone.
Jacob Smith a month ago
Could never reach them on the phone. Over promised and under delivered. They promise coaching and education but never follow thru.
Avi Kolko 5 months ago
Gecko built us a new Unity Hospice website from the ground up, as well as designing new brochures and other collateral material. Working with them has been a pleasure - they are professional, organized, responsive, aim to please, and are easy to work with. Their design work is beautiful, and they really took pains to understand the look we were going for. Highly recommended!
Avigail Bass 6 months ago
We redesigned a very very old website with Gecko and began the process during coronavirus. Despite those challenges, the team at Gecko was very helpful and flexible. They built us a beautiful website, taking into account all our needs. The project manager Grace, was a pleasure to work with, always available to answer questions, great with communication, and very organized. They went above and beyond to make sure the end product was perfect, even if it meant putting in extra hours, or extending the project longer than anticipated. We really appreciated all they did for us and could not be happier with the results!
Craig McKay 7 months ago
Gecko Design staff was super easy to work with. They were able to help us create an incredible web site that is getting noticed. I would highly recommend Gecko to anyone looking for web design.