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Our Process

Six Steps – Is that it?

How does this work? A great question and we’re glad you asked! What does it take to create a website and how does this process work?

Step 1 – Evaluation

Every project and every client is different and we never do “cookie cutter” websites or use pre-made templates. Our first step is to understand the scope of your project. What are your goals? What are your ideas? What is your budget? Do you need the ability to manage the website yourself or will we be doing that? Will this website need to accept credit cards or is there any other type of special functionality?

Step 2 – Project Proposal

Now that we understand your project goals, we develop a formal proposal which outlines the scope of the project, it’s features and capabilities, the project cost and a timeline. The proposal will clearly define what is included in the project so that our expectations and your expectations are sure to be the same. Should you agree to the proposal, work begins!

Step 3 – Initial Design

After speaking with you extensively about your likes and dislikes, reviewing your favorite websites and looking at what your competitors are doing, we create a picture of what could be your new homepage!

We have created a useful new website project checklist to help clients prepare for the creative design stage and to make the process efficient for both of us.

Step 4 – You Give Feedback, We Refine

Now it’s your turn to review what we came up with and provide feedback, including what you like, dislike, and would like to see changed. Based on your feedback we either refine the initial design or come up with something entirely new!

Step 5 – The Working Website

Once the final design is completed, it’s time for the behind-the-scenes programming to take place. The conceptual image we created begins to take shape as a real functional website!

Step 6 –  Finalize the Project

After every page has been built and the website has been tested thoroughly it’s time to “go live” and launch your new website!

Six Steps – Is that it?

Well it could be! A website doesn’t do you any good unless people are seeing it and in the months following the launch of your site, we’ll closely monitor how much traffic it receives. If it’s not meeting your business’ goals then we’ll want to advertise or optimize your website so that it can start generating the traffic you need to be successful!

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Questions? Give us a ring, shoot us an email or send a homing pigeon our way. Let’s get the ball rolling! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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