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Gecko Designs
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Realtor Website Design

We build custom websites for realtors & real estate agents

At Gecko Designs, we have a great deal of experience meeting the goals of professional realtors who are looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

We recognize professional realtors have lots of info to manage and communicate to their prospective clients, but not a lot of time to burn. Our websites seek to share that important information with prospective clients in an efficient and effective manner.

Custom tools such as MLS integrations take the pressure off busy realtors by automating the distribution and presentation of their property listings. The custom real estate listing tools that we create at Gecko Designs are fully customizable to match different budgets.

We have found that providing a nice, comfortable web interface for realtors affords them and their customers many advantages, most import is the ability to easily search and find properties based on criteria such as neighborhood, price, and amenities.

Leveraging advanced property listing features such as an interactive, searchable map listing affords clients an easy was to view the surrounding areas and the ability to view real estate using Google’s Street View.

An effective real estate website will give a virtual tour to clients who are looking to stay abreast of the constantly changing property market. This means that the realtor’s interaction with clients is streamlined; clients and potential clients have the opportunity to virtually walk around a neighborhood viewing properties easily filtered by price, bathrooms, or many other search criteria. This saves both realtors and clients valuable time.

Many of our realtors have discovered an unforeseen advantage of their interactive real estate website is their ability to show clients properties on the fly using their smart phone. Instead of just mentioning a relevant property while touring the town, realtors can now load up their website in order to rapidly share specific property details, photos, & the geographic location on a map.

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Gecko Designs, LLC
523 N Higgins Ave
Missoula, MT 59802

(406) 662-1123