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Website Hosting Services


Gecko Designs Web Hosting Services

We keep state of the art servers at data centers in New York where we host our client websites. Our team of server administrators monitor them around the clock to ensure that your data is safe, secure and never goes offline!

Every website we build comes standard with our hosting service for the first year. Customers are welcome to use other services if they prefer. Using our hosting servers allows us to provide the best customer support possible to our valued clients. Having maximum control over our hardware means that we can solve problems for you before your customers even notice without having to contact third-party vendors.

Our website hosting services can be customized to meet the exact needs of your website. You can call us anytime to adjust hosting service subscription as your website hosting needs change in real-time.

Customized website hosting plans to fit you

Ever website hosting plan is tailored to fit the clients needs so you never end up paying for something that you don’t need.

Our website hosting plans include webmail access so you can check your email using Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox and statistics tracking so you can watch how many visits (among other things) your website receives!

We also fully integrate with Google Apps for clients who want the power of Gmail, Google Calendar and powerful document sharing.

Our website hosting accounts all include unlimited email accounts, email forwarding, auto-responders and vacation messages.

Automated on-site and offsite website hosting backups

Here’s what we do that you won’t find elsewhere: Automatic nightly backups that are moved offsite every night. That means that if something happens to your website and you don’t realize that there’s a problem until a month later, we can roll the website back to the way it used to be! Say you delete a file and then need it the next day. We’ve got a copy!

A detailed explanation of what website hosting is and how it works.


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Gecko Designs, LLC
523 N Higgins Ave
Missoula, MT 59802

(406) 662-1123