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Gecko Designs
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Read what our students have said about our instructors and hands-on courses

Gabe was an excellent instructor. High five, Gabe! I learned a lot, and only wish that we had more time to learn even more.
Kyle W.
Gabe, was extremely helpful and patient when dealing with myself and my co-workers, who are all at different skill levels.
Katie J.
The pace was perfect, the material was just challenging enough and learning tasks were neat and orderly.
Shawn O.
I came into this course with zero knowledge of HTML and CSS. Noah was very patient, and gave me an understanding I never expected to have. He used real life examples and walked through basics and advanced tools. He also assisted us in understanding issues we were having with our website. I would highly recommend Noah for training. Great personality and a pleasure to work with over the last 3 days.
Shannon H.
Noah was great! We covered more ground than was expected, and he was very patient... pacing the class well and providing real world references and useful tidbits.
Liz V.
The course and instructor were great!
Denali R.
I thought Noah did a great job going over the material and was patient with us!
Jess E.
Obviously very well-informed in SEO.  I think we profited greatly from his class.  After we get more experience ourselves I think a second class would be super.
James W.
Noah was a terrific instructor, knowledgeable, flexible and patient. I have a suspicion that we may require his assistance again in the near future...
Robert G.
I had had basic experience in Adobe Photoshop, but absolutely none in Dreamweaver, and by the end of the course felt extremely confident and ready to use my new skills. The course was very enjoyable!
Alex R.
With very limited experience creating online content - my primary experience has been with blogging software and Netscape drag-and-drop programs - I was not optimistic about what I would learn coming into this course. Dreamweaver is a daunting program and three days is a very short timespan to absorb something I'd always considered complicated. But now at the end of the third day I feel confident that I could build a simple site and expand my efforts from there. Gabriel Silverman did a wonderful job reinforcing concepts in a concentric matter that helped me retain what I'd learned and use it with some competence on final projects. The resource list he provided will be invaluable. I was extremely impressed with this course.
Victoria R.
I loved the course. I organized the course for my employees, and we were at vastly varying levels. Gabe managed to make the course relevant for everyone, and we all took a great deal away from the class.
Three days of instruction equal to two weeks or more with a book. I went from a complete novice to able to build any Website I want.
Jim W.
I think he did a great job. I've been using Dreamweaver for years but I really felt as though I've learned a lot the past 3 days. Thank you!
Joey B.
Thanks for being so flexible and being so patient with us. Great training, I will definitely recommend you guys, thanks.
Fernando D.
The class is exactly what I was looking for - the individual attention and hands-on lessons proved to be very helpful in my understanding of the concepts and techniques.
Sue J.
Gabriel is outstanding. I came in behind the eight ball, having taken another "beginner" class (through a different training center) that was clearly lacking in certain areas, and he worked quickly yet patiently to help me get to an appropriate level of comprehension. He knows his subject cold, expects you to follow along at a brisk pace, but gets to the heart of an explanation very efficiently, and in a way that help the student visualize WHY something is working, not just what to do. Some instructors expect students to follow along by rote, but this is not the same as teaching. Gabriel is a huge cut above.
Gabriel was the best instructor that I have had in all my years of training. I wish there were more like him. Very well organized and an overall excellent instructor. He should be the model for all instructors.
This was awesome. Gabriel was patient, clear on what he taught, and best of all he was responsive to each student's questions and problems. He explained things in an organized, concise fashion that made pretty much everything easy to understand. The course was pretty much what I expected and more. It gave me a whole new outlook on how to approach building websites after 10 years of doing it my self-taught way. WOW! What an eye opener. Thanks for an informative and valuable 3 days!
Gabriel was a wonderful instructor! Time flew by in this class, without making you feel overwhelmed. He also made you feel very comfortable when asking questions. I'm leaving here with a solid understanding of how to build web sites, which is incredible after three days. This class is worth every penny! Thank you!
This course was great! I was so nervous my first day because I had never made a website before, but Gabriel was an incredibly helpful and patient teacher - I would recommend this course to anyone.
This course surpassed my expectations! I learned an invaluable amount of information in three days; more than I've learned on my own in the last 4 years! Gabriel was an excellent teacher. He explained everything so effortlessly, was extremely patient with everyone in class, and had enrichment exercises ready for those who were ahead of the rest of the group.
Great stuff - saved my life and my job. I couldn't have picked all this up so quickly with an online tutorial. The pace changed as we needed it to. And if I practice, I'll be able to do this in the future. Thanks Noah!
Paige T.

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Gecko Designs, LLC
523 N Higgins Ave
Missoula, MT 59802

(406) 662-1123

523 N Higgins Ave, Missoula
Troutzoola Montanaflyfishing a week ago
Awesome people who work hard and efficiently to get web results quickly taken care of so we all can succeed
Nicole Ichtertz 4 months ago
Everyone I worked with at Gecko Designs answered all my emails and questions promptly, and helped me rebuild and re-design my website with enthusiasm and efficiency. I highly recommend them, they are an awesome team to work with!
Hannah McDaniel 4 months ago
Gecko exceeded our expectations in every way with their efficiency, creativity and professionalism...our non-profit hasn't had a fully functional site that we are proud of in years, and not only did Gabe, Grace & the staff at Gecko completely turn this around, they helped us learn along the way. Thank you!
Allen Ratta 11 months ago
These guys are amazing! Gabe knew exactly where to go in the code and want to fix and had all our issues repaired in minutes! As a previous owner of a software company I would give them the highest rating possible!
Sprinkler Maniac 11 months ago
Had some updating issues with our website and Gabe provided an expedited response to our situation so we could keep the site up and running smoothly. Additionally, he tweaked a few things he noticed weren't correct so the site would have better SEO. Thanks so much!