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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Adobe Dreamweaver training courses

Learn web design the fun and easy way using Adobe Dreamweaver! We offer hands-on, Adobe Dreamweaver classes on-site at your Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-area location. Request on-site training quote

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Adobe Dreamweaver Training Classes

Our instructors are top professionals in their fields and are selected for their ability to convey complex Adobe Dreamweaver topics in a way that makes sense to beginners. Meet the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Adobe Dreamweaver course instructor

Website Design Courses for Beginners & Courses for Experts

Our courses are customized to meet your needs and experience level. That means if you have absolutely no experience with web design we can introduce you to the fundamentals and get you publishing on the internet in no time! You won't believe how easy and how much fun it is!

If you're an experienced web designer and want to master CSS, Search Engine Optimization, forms, templates, Adobe Photoshop integration or learn any other element of Dreamweaver and website design, we can structure a class to meet your needs!

What you'll learn in this web design class:

We'll take you from A to Z! See a list of some of the topics we cover in this Dreamweaver web design course.

1, 2 and 3-day Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Adobe Dreamweaver courses tailored to meet your goals

Each group of students is different. They have different levels of experience and different goals. We tailor each Adobe Dreamweaver course to meet the needs and goals of our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania students.

Real World Dreamweaver Projects

Our courses are not taught out of a book. Each course is planned by the instructor based on the needs and goals of the students. Students design and build several websites throughout each course and learn new techniques and elements along the way.

Emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A crucial element of any website project is search engine performance. If your website isn't ranking well in search engines, how will people find it? Our instructors go over the fundamentals of SEO throughout each Dreamweaver project showing Harrisburg, Pennsylvania students how to incorporate keywords in tactical places that will maximize website traffic.

Adobe Dreamweaver training course projects include:

Learn to build a basic website using Dreamweaver

This project is a great introduction to the basic features of Adobe Dreamweaver. It gives Harrisburg, Pennsylvania students the opportunity to get familiar with the website setup process, explore the Adobe Dreamweaver interface and incorporate images. We discuss the use of proper HTML syntax as it relates to search engine optimization and introduce basic Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Plan, design and build a website for a popular Harrisburg, Pennsylvania coffee chain using Adobe Dreamweaver

Students learn how the website design and planning processes are crucial before beginning the build process. They build on their skills by learning to use CSS for layout purposes and are introduced to Dreamweaver anchors, targets, image maps and tables (and learn when to use them). This project allows Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Adobe Dreamweaver students to build a complete commercially-applicable website from scratch.

Publishing a website using Adobe Dreamweaver

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania students learn about domain names and how to register them, website hosting, servers and the FTP process. Students are given their own live FTP accounts and use them to publish their projects. What good is website design if you can't show the world?

Learn to make a custom Adobe Dreamweaver template

Custom templates are introduced and explained in detail. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania students create a new multi-column layout from scratch using CSS and save it as a Dreamweaver template. They then use the template to generate the various pages of their website, test it and publish it!

Learn to create a custom contact form

Instructors discuss the advantages of using a contact form instead of linking directly to an email address. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania students plan and create a functioning contact form that collects website user information and transmits it to the website administrator.

Challenges for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Adobe Dreamweaver students

In order to build student confidence and give them an opportunity to practice their skills, instructors present students with various challenges. This gives students the opportunity to try out their skills and make mistakes under the watchful eye of a professional. Any shortfalls can be corrected or re-taught before the course ends and the student is on their own!

The Dreamweaver teacher becomes the Dreamweaver student

Instructors play the role of a non-web-savvy client and ask that Harrisburg, Pennsylvania students update an existing live website. This is a great project because students are forced to put their experience to use problem-solving in a manner that they weren't specifically shown.

Full blown Adobe Dreamweaver website challenge

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania students must plan and develop a multi-page website using Dreamweaver templates and incorporating everything they've learned during the course.

Adobe Dreamweaver Resources

Class is about to end and we want to make sure our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Dreamweaver students have the tools and resources to be successful web designers! Instructors share helpful resources with students that they can use to further their Adobe Dreamweaver knowledge and skills, find images and extend Dreamweaver.

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Adobe Dreamweaver Training Instructor Feedback

I think he did a great job. I’ve been using Dreamweaver for years but I really felt as though I’ve learned a lot the past 3 days. Thank you!

Joey B.

This course surpassed my expectations! I learned an invaluable amount of information in three days; more than I’ve learned on my own in the last 4 years! Gabriel was an excellent teacher. He explained everything so effortlessly, was extremely patient with everyone in class, and had enrichment exercises ready for those who were ahead of the rest of the group.

Gabriel was a wonderful instructor! Time flew by in this class, without making you feel overwhelmed. He also made you feel very comfortable when asking questions. I’m leaving here with a solid understanding of how to build web sites, which is incredible after three days. This class is worth every penny! Thank you!

This was awesome. Gabriel was patient, clear on what he taught, and best of all he was responsive to each student’s questions and problems. He explained things in an organized, concise fashion that made pretty much everything easy to understand. The course was pretty much what I expected and more. It gave me a whole new outlook on how to approach building websites after 10 years of doing it my self-taught way. WOW! What an eye opener. Thanks for an informative and valuable 3 days!

Gabriel was the best instructor that I have had in all my years of training. I wish there were more like him. Very well organized and an overall excellent instructor. He should be the model for all instructors.

This course was great! I was so nervous my first day because I had never made a website before, but Gabriel was an incredibly helpful and patient teacher – I would recommend this course to anyone.

Gabriel is outstanding. I came in behind the eight ball, having taken another “beginner” class (through a different training center) that was clearly lacking in certain areas, and he worked quickly yet patiently to help me get to an appropriate level of comprehension. He knows his subject cold, expects you to follow along at a brisk pace, but gets to the heart of an explanation very efficiently, and in a way that help the student visualize WHY something is working, not just what to do. Some instructors expect students to follow along by rote, but this is not the same as teaching. Gabriel is a huge cut above.

Read more student testimonials about this Dreamweaver training course.

3 ways learning web design with Adobe Dreamweaver will pay for itself:

  1. Save money!Stop paying web designers to design and manage your website when they get around to it.
  2. Make money!Put your web design skills to work for your own clients!
  3. Put your website to work!Get the most out of your existing website or a brand new website that you build from scratch.

Meet the Dreamweaver Instructor

Gabriel Silverman, Dreamweaver training instructor

Gabriel founded Gecko Designs, a web design and marketing firm in 1996 where he continues to work to this day. He is passionate about his work and delights in teaching the trade to his students.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Multimedia Design and has won awards in both graphic and interactive web design which he jokes, "I carry with me at all times."

Outside of work Gabe races catamaran sailboats and plays on an ice hockey team. He loves traveling, hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding and sports cars! He can do a Rubik's Cube in 90 seconds, enjoys making sushi and has a golden retriever named Tugboat.

Read the feedback students have left for this instructor.

What you'll learn in this Dreamweaver web design course (partial list)

  • Setup, configure and customize Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Create simple and complex layouts
  • What are Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how they work
  • Create lists and tables
  • Using images
  • Adding video
  • How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works and its importance
  • Custom Dreamweaver templates
  • HTML contact forms
  • Calendars
  • Anchors and targets
  • Opening links in a new window
  • Linking to email addresses - good or bad?
  • Rollover buttons
  • Adding interactivity to your site using SPRY Widgets
  • How to make your website accessible
  • Drop down menus
  • How and where to get your own domain name (yourwebsite.com)
  • How hosting works and where you can host your site
  • How servers work
  • How FTP transfers work
  • Publishing your website
  • Tracking your website's hits using Google Analytics
  • Promoting your website
  • Adding a favicon
  • Resources to help you troubleshoot problems
  • How to extend Dreamweaver's functionality
  • Resources and tutorials to teach yourself more
523 N Higgins Ave, Missoula
Avigail Bass a month ago
We redesigned a very very old website with Gecko and began the process during coronavirus. Despite those challenges, the team at Gecko was very helpful and flexible. They built us a beautiful website, taking into account all our needs. The project manager Grace, was a pleasure to work with, always available to answer questions, great with communication, and very organized. They went above and beyond to make sure the end product was perfect, even if it meant putting in extra hours, or extending the project longer than anticipated. We really appreciated all they did for us and could not be happier with the results!
Avi Kolko in the last week
Gecko built us a new Unity Hospice website from the ground up, as well as designing new brochures and other collateral material. Working with them has been a pleasure - they are professional, organized, responsive, aim to please, and are easy to work with. Their design work is beautiful, and they really took pains to understand the look we were going for. Highly recommended!
Craig McKay 2 months ago
Gecko Design staff was super easy to work with. They were able to help us create an incredible web site that is getting noticed. I would highly recommend Gecko to anyone looking for web design.
Courtney Firak 5 months ago
Working with the team at Gecko Designs has been fantastic! I worked closely with Ali to create a new meetings website and she was so patient with all the changes to copy and took the time to walk me through the back-end of Word Press. I am confidently making changes on own but know that any request will be done quickly. The team was even very responsive over a weekend to meet a deadline. Highly, highly recommend!
PHC Missoula 6 months ago
Gecko's team does great work. We had a fairly complex request with a variety of stakeholder interests at play. Their team listened carefully and responded thoughtfully to our needs throughout the process! We were very pleased with the process and thrilled with the final product they provided.
We’ve been working so hard making our clients look good, we neglected our own brand for quite a few years (25 to be exact...)! New look comin’ at ya Spring 2021! Has it been awhile since you’ve re-branded? We get it! Call us and we can help! (406) 662-1123