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Dreamweaver Tutorial: Add Google Analytics using Dreamweaver

Written by Gabriel on April 19, 2012

Learn to use Google Analytics with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Websites

In this Dreamweaver tutorial, we show you how to add a new account to your Google Analytics account in a few easy steps.

This free tool is very useful for webmasters who prefer to closely monitor the performance and health of their websites. Google makes it easy to understand how visitors arrive at your website and what they do while there.

Open your Google Analytics Account

To begin, create or log into your Google Analytics account and navigate to the Admin panel.


Choose the “+ New Account” button and follow the prompts for an account name, website URL, data sharing settings, and the user agreement. Click the “Create Account” button at the bottom of this page.


On the following page, Google will present javascript code that must be added to the head content of each page on the website that is to be tracked.

Highlight and copy this code to add it to your Dreamweaver webpages. If the website has been created using Adobe Dreamweaver’s template feature, you can add this code directly to the template(s) that were used to create the Dreamweaver webpages that need to be tracked by Google Analytics. If your website is not using a template, this script code can be manually added to each page with the following method for every individual page.

Add the Google Analytics javascript code to your Dreamweaver Website

Open Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 and click your cursor into the Head Content panel. This panel is activated and deactivated using the View menu and clicking on Head Content to place or remove a check mark indicating its visibility status.


With the cursor placed into the head content, choose Insert > Common > Script > Script from the Insert panel. This will only work if the cursor has been placed in the head content properly; to double check where your cursor is, look to the lower part of the screen at the tag navigator, it should say <head> indicating that your cursor is indeed where it should be.

This will open the Script window where we place the code in the “Content” text box. Paste your Google Analytics javascript code and press OK. A new script icon will appear in your Head Content panel immediately indicating that the javascript has been placed properly.

Now it is time to save the file! If it is a .dwt (Dreamweaver Template), you will be prompted to automatically update the associated pages. If you have manually created each webpage without using templates, this process will need to be repeated for every webpage that is to be tracked. If multiple templates are being used, be sure to repeat this process for each.

Return to Google Analytics and select the account that was created at the beginning of this Dreamweaver tutorial. You will see a wide range of analytic tools that Google provides webmasters for free. The tracking data will begin to populate when the account has been activated by adding the analytics code to the website.

This tool is very useful for gauging your website’s audience and optimizing pages for keywords and web traffic.

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