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Dreamweaver Tutorial: Rounded Corner Borders with Adobe Dreamweaver

Written by Gabriel on June 7, 2012

Learn How to Add Rounded Corners to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Websites

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use CSS rules to generate rounded corners anywhere on a Dreamweaver website.

What is a Border Radius?

CSS3 is the most recent iteration of cascading style sheets and it affords designers more efficiency & versatility. Rounded corners are used everywhere on computers, so why not do it with your Dreamweaver websites too?

How do rounded border corners look & function in a Dreamweaver website?

Below is an example to demonstrate the CSS border radius properties.

This is a <div> with 3 rounded corners

The border radius function can be used on any HTML element that can display a border.

Note: Internet Explorer does not currently render CSS rounded corners

Step 1: Select an Element to have Round Corners

If you are working with an existing Dreamweaver webpage, decide which element(s) should have rounded corners. For those just getting started or unsure how to use this CSS rule, create a new div with an id or a class to control the look of the div with CSS. Use this rule to set a background color, width and height. Giving the div a color and size will help us clearly see the div we are currently working on.

Step 2: Add the Border Radius Properties to Your Dreamweaver Webpage

Now that there is an element with a CSS rule to control it visually, you can add the border radius properties. Dreamweaver doesn’t yet support the border radius functions, so the properties must be manually added to the style sheet.

Below is a tool for generating the necessary CSS code to create the border radius desired for your Adobe Dreamweaver website. At each corner there is a number referring to the dimensions of each rounded corner. Choose a value for each corner and once you’re satisfied with the dimensions, copy all of the code shown in the center.

Return to Dreamweaver once the code has been copied. Now that we have the code ready to paste into the CSS rule, we must place the cursor in the correct place before pasting the new properties. To do this, go to the Dreamweaver CSS Styles Panel and right-click on the CSS rule to be edited. In the contextual menu (right-click menu), choose “Go to code.” Doing this places the cursor somewhere in the code for that CSS rule. Move the cursor to the end of the line it is on and create a new line by pressing the return key. With the cursor on an empty line, paste the border radius code and save. Now it’s time to test in a browser! If you want to change the dimensions and paste it again, you can remove the code you entered by highlighting and deleting it or use the Edit > Undo function.

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