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Importance of a Strong WordPress Password with Examples

Written by tim on September 26, 2013

Is your WordPress site safe and secure from malicious attacks?

Its a good question to ask, as most times people do not realize that they are susceptible to being hacked until its too late.

You may not be surprised to hear that the weakest point for your security online is usually your password.  A password loses its value if it isn’t going to keep your content secure so here is a guideline to keeping your site safe and protected:

  • Use a STRONG password! But what is a strong password!?!

    1. It should consist of a minimum of eight characters long and include numbers and special characters as well as both upper and lower case letters.  The easier it is for you to type, odds are it is easier to crack for a determined hacker.
    2. Its best to stay away from simple passwords such as: Password123 is an example of an extremely weak password.  More examples of weak passwords are anything someone could find out about you by googleing your name or businesses name.  Try to stay away from simple word passwords for example: where you went to school, names of children or pets, birthdates, ect.
    3. Lets say you want to use that weak password but want to make it into a strong password, it could look something like this: [email protected]  As you can see by adding in a mix of special characters and the number sequence into the middle of the password vs. the ends it creates a much stronger password to crack. Another good practice for selecting a strong password is to think of a short phrase such as: My paSSword i$ SeCuR5.  The longer and more unique your password is the harder it will be for someone else to figure out what it is.
    4. You should also try and get into the habit of changing your password at least twice a year.  This way if your password is compromised without your knowledge you limit the time that password is valid to some degree vs sticking with the same one forever.
    5. You also should NEVER use the same password on multiple different services.  For example your WordPress password should be completely different from your Online Banking password for example.  This way the damage is minimal if one password is compromised vs. losing your secure login for all of your various sites requiring that password.
    6. Another safety practice to remember is that you will never be asked via email by WordPress for your personal information or login credentials.  If you receive any emails requesting this information typically these are Phishing attacks were someone posing as a legitimate site tries to get you to provide them with your credentials and personal information.
    7. One last thing to mention is it is never a good practice to give out or share your access credentials with anyone even those in your own office.  If someone else needs access to your WordPress site it is always best to set them up with their own account.  Adding a user account process made easy by WordPress and it allows you to set them up with configurable settings as to what they can and cant edit.
  • Using the WordPress Password Generator Plugin

    1. WordPress offers a free Password Generator Plugin if you would like a randomly created strong password for use when adding a new user.
    2. The name of this Plugin is WP Password Generator and it is available through the Plugin section of your wordpress site.
    3. To download go to the Plugin section and Click Add New.
    4. Next type into the search box “WP Password Generator”  and select it from the list by clicking Install, OK, and then clicking Activate.
    5. Once Activated go to the Users section and click Add New.
    6. As in the image below you will now see a generate password button that will create a random password made up of upper/l0wer case characters, special characters, and numbers.  The password may look difficult to remember but this is because it is also very difficult to hack.
    7. This feature is good as a practice when creating new users as it will then send the user an email to the address listed when creating the account that will have the password for them to use for their first initial login.  After this first login the user should reset the password to their own custom strong password that they can remember.
    8. The new password selected by the user will also be indicated on the “Strength Indicator” which inspects and determines how strong your new password is.

Screenshot of the settings for setting creating a new user with the Generate Password Plugin running

*Remember the more unique you can make your password, the more secure your site will be.

You also also can use a good free secure password generator service offered by PCtools.  Simply click this link to be redirected to their site and use the Free Secure Password Generator on the left side of the screen.  You can adjust the settings and then click Generate password to get a randomly generated secure password.

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