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How to Secure your WordPress site with Plugins

Written by Gabriel on September 30, 2013

Further Secure your WordPress site by Utilizing these Helpful Plugins

WordPress is full of useful plugins to accomplish a long list of useful features to fully customize your site.  These plugins are also a great way to improve your sites security.  WordPress plugins are available usually in both free and as paid verities and come with pros and cons associate to each.

Keep your blog safe by only using reputable plugins from sources that have reviews to verify its authenticity. Research the plugins your interested in by seeing how many stars out of the max of five it has, as well as reading into its user reviews and the dates of these reviews before downloading the plugin.  This is because one tactic for attacking a site is to get the user to install and activate plugins that may advertise a great service but may actually put your site at risk.  Do your research into the plugin reviews and shoot for the ones that look like a lot of other people have had success with it and remember if something sounds too good to be true it likely is the case.

Here are a few great plugins that will improve your sites security that are recommended for new WordPress users.

  • Install/use a backup plugin for your websites database.

    1. An important security measure to keep your site secure is to back up your database periodically so you have a point to revert to in case anything catastrophic happens to your site.  This will provide peace of mind that you have a working version of your site in case you have anything unintended happen.  This peace of mind also can make exploring and experimenting changes to your site less risky as you will have a point to return to if you do not like the changes you have made to your site. Buffer alternatives allow to reach all the social platforms through a single network, thus, minimizing the risks.
    2. WordPress has both paid and free options that make backing up your site simple.  DB-Backup is a great free option for beginners and is one of the most downloaded WordPress backup plugins out there.
    3. To find and install WP-DB-Backup, go into the Plugins section and choose Add New.  Type “WP-DB-Backup” into the search box.  Click Install Now and then Click OK.
    4. Next from the Plugin screen Activate the plugin.
    5. Once the plugin has been activated you will see that you have a new section in your navigation under the tools section named Backup.  From the backup you can set it to back up your database either on a regular schedule or immediately.  The backup files created can be stored either locally on your hard drive or sent to your server via email.
  • Install/use a plugin that will limit login attempts.

    1. The Limit Login Attempts WordPress plugin will limit the number of login attempts you can try before being blocked out. This plugin is especially useful in protecting against brute-forece hacker attempts.  With this plugin you as the administrator set the number of login attempts to allowed before being blocked out by the plugin.
    2. To install this plugin for your site go into the Plugins section and click Add New, and type in “Limit Login Attempts”.
    3. Once you have located the plugin, click Install and then OK.  Activate this new plugin by clicking Activate Plugin or by going into the plugins section and selecting Activate under the Plugins name.
    4. Now you will need to set the number of allowable login attempts as well as other limits associated to this plugin.
    5. To do this click into the Settings section and select Limit Login Attempts.
    6. Next fill in the options for how strict you wish your login attempt limiting plugin to be.  *Please view the Screen shot below to see an example of the default settings.
    7. Once you have set these settings to your liking click the Change Options to Save your work.

This is a screenshot of the default settings for the WordPress Plugin Limit Login Attempts

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