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How to Upload and Place Media Files in WordPress

Written by tim on October 3, 2013

Uploading a Media File into WordPress

The first step in getting your Media Files onto your WordPress site is to add them to your Media Library.  Once you have upload your files it is easy to place them on your desire desired page or pages.

First things first you need to login to the back end dashboard of your WordPress site.  Once logged in, simply follow the steps below.

  1. In the left menu section hover your mouse over the Media section and Click Add New.  You can upload images, audio files, videos, and other types of documents such as PDF’s this way, without having to start a new post.
  2. Once your on the Add New screen it provides a list of the accepted file types allowed to be uploaded as well as the remaining upload space available for your site.  To Upload your files you can either click the Select Files button and browse to and select the file you wish to upload, or you can simply drag and drop the files you want from your finder or explorer into the drop files here section.
  3. Once a file is selected for upload it will display a process bar while it is being uploaded that disappears once the upload is complete. Once fully uploaded it will be located alongside any other files uploaded to your media library.
  4. You now can click the small blue Edit link to set the files Title, Caption Text, Description, Alternative Text (if its an image), and view the Attachment Page Content.  It also provides you with the URL to your new file as well as a red link to Delete Permanently the file from your Media Library.

Placing Media onto a Page

Once you have your Media Files Uploaded, Next were going to go to an individual page and add the content.

  1. First, in the left menu click the Pages section.  Next either use the Add New link to create a new page or select one of your other pages listed you would like your media to be added to.
  2. Place your curser where you would like the media to go and click the Add Media button.  This will bring up a popup screen where you click to select your desired media file from the Media Library.  Once selected it will appear with a blue check box on its top right corner. *You can select and insert multiple media files if desired at once.
  3. You can now view its attachment details on the right side of the screen and also edit these fields if necessary, otherwise you click the blue Insert into page button in the bottom right corner.
  4. You will now be returned to your page with the new media placed where your cursor was located.  To adjust the size you can click on the media and use the corner handles to scale it up or down. *Hold down shift while resizing to constrain the proportions for best results.
  5. To delete any placed media you can use the backspace or delete key or when the image is selected click the red crossed circle icon to delete the image from the page or also use the small image icon to edit the media file.
  6. An optional feature is to link you media to something else either internally on the site or to an external site of your choice.  You will need to first select the media item and use the insert/edit link button that looks like a chain link icon for making it into a hyperlink. Next in the pop up dialog box you can type in any URL, mail to, or telephone number links as external links or you can select a previously created internal page.  Click the Add Link Button to save your link settings and return to your page editor.
  7. To finish click the blue Update button to save your changes to the page and click the View Page to verify how it looks in your browser.
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