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WordPress Tutorial: How Easy is WordPress?

Written by tim on August 22, 2013

WordPress is Easy?!? How so?

A common question we get asked from prospective clients is: Is WordPress easy to use?

In this tutorial you will find an outline describing WordPress and some of its features that reveal the answer to this very valid question is a resounding YES!

First for a little history, WordPress has been around since it was first released on May 27th, 2003.  In the 10 years since the service has exploded to the point where today almost 20% of the worlds top 10 million websites are being operated using WordPress.  That’s to say that 1 out of every 5 major sites out there today is being operated by WordPress.  You have probably seen and used WordPress sites before but may have never realized it!

Just like how Youtube is all about vloging, WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use today with over 60 million websites according to a 2012 Forbes Magazine article, with an additional 100,000 sites being added daily!  This number not only represents simple blog sites but also sites that fit a multitude of roles varying from portfolios to e-commerce WordPress sites. In the case of Youtube where one can just contact a Youtube marketing company keeping in mind that some youtube marketing companies are expensive but deliver great quality and get tons of views on their Youtube videos, getting viewers to come to a WordPress article or site is a little tricky.

Undoubtedly the number of people who use WordPress is impressive but, what does this mean for you?  Well it goes to show the versatility of this dynamic content management and blogging system as a potential solution to your website needs. WordPress is not just limited to the large major sites and simple blog sites. WordPress is in fact an affordable, dynamic, and intuitive system for any new site of almost any size or scope.

WordPress is available free of charge for download and comes without any complicated installation process to deal with.  It provides a medium to create a content rich site with all the new features of any modern site out there today.  This includes slideshows, blog posts, forms, and a list to long to fit into this article of features to make your site both look and function great!

A main feature WordPress offers the traditional web user with no coding or web development experience is an intuitive editing interface that you can use with minimal training required.

The training process is a point of concern for most new users but with the plethora of tutorials available online and the training service provided here at Gecko Designs it takes only mere hours to make a new user into a proficient WordPress content editor.

This is due to the way you edit content in WordPress being similar to your experience when using for example Microsoft Word.  This is to say its editing process involves editing through: What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).  Below is a screenshot of the toolbar and page editor screen used to edit individual pages in WordPress.

Screenshot of the Page Editor Toolbar in WordPress

Screenshot of WordPress WYSIWIG

This feature allows you to make the changes you want to your content on your site by yourself, without feeling overwhelmed by a screen covered in code.  It also includes great features such as a revision history so if you wish to go back after making some new changes you can with no more then a few clicks.

WordPress is also constantly improving and releasing new versions to provide the best security and safety for your information. They also make notification of updates and their installation very simple and straight forward by requiring only a few clicks to become up to date.

The bottom line is that WordPress is an amazingly versatile and easy to use way to have a website that you control for an affordable price.

Contact us here at Gecko Designs if you have any questions or to get a Quote for your very own custom WordPress site today!

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