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Copywriting is Poetry

March 3, 2023 Adam Website Design

The words you choose for your advertisement or website copy are important. Bear in mind who your target audience is. It’s easy to throw words together and get the point of your business across, but specially-crafting your language to truly connect with your audience can make a big difference.

In the example below, think about the target audience of your business or organization. Which tone would have more impact for your clientele?

“Our products are curated from the finest local artisans.”


“You’ll fall in love with our selection of hand-picked local artisan goods.”

Both work, but each will have a stronger impact based on the demographics of your audience. Your words paint the portrait of your business’s or organization’s personality – be sure you choose accordingly.

How do you want your organization to be perceived?

Many people believe that professional-sounding copy needs to be formal and stoic. For some organizations, that is true – more traditional, formal wording is appropriate and their clientele expect it! For others, a light-hearted approach is going to resonate much better.

Think of the difference in how an animal daycare would speak to their clients versus how a renowned law firm might speak.

Acme Animal Daycare

(Formal) “Acme Animal Daycare is the premier animal hostel and groomer in the Pacific Northwest.”

(Fun) “At Acme Animal Daycare, we give a hoot about your fur babies!”

XYZ Law Firm

(Formal) “ XYZ Law Firm is committed to quality, our core values, and pursuing justice for our clients.”

(Fun) “Don’t get left, holding the bill. We’ll fight for your rights at XYZ Law Firm.”

Final Thoughts

Take time to think about what you are saying in your ad, handouts, collateral, or website. Choose words that will have maximum impact on your market’s target audience.

When it comes to the words you choose, remember the mantra “less is more.” It is a misconception many people hold that, in order to fully convey their company’s message, you need to write a very thorough overview. Consumers are less likely to spend time reading through a large paragraph of text than they used to be. Which means that it is imperative that you capture their attention as well as convey your message as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you are struggling with choosing the right words for your campaign or project, let Gecko Designs help! Our staff of copywriters can customize your message to maximize your company’s impact on the market.

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Chandra Brown 7 months ago
The decision to invest in a new, professionally-constructed website was not a casual one for my small company. The Gecko team was supportive and enthusiastic from our first interaction and throughout the duration of the project. They demonstrated the value of working with talented, committed designers to create a functional, beautiful new online home for our work. I am grateful, and recommend Gecko without reservation.
Robyn Windham 9 months ago
Gecko recently launched a new website for my organization (Headwaters Foundation) and they knocked it out of the park! They were receptive to our wants and needs and very responsive throughout the process. We enjoyed working with their team; they really have begun to feel like my 'communications coworkers down the hall.' I am looking forward to working with them on more projects.
David Mountan 3 months ago
A banner was needed on short notice for a graduation reception, and Gabe was able to both come up with a wonderful design and have a high quality banner ready for the reception as promised. Overall, an outstanding experience, and I look forward to working with their team on future projects as well! Dave Mountan