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I went to Google’s small business event; Grow With Google, and it was awesome

June 15, 2022 Gabriel News

In early May I was invited to attend Google’s national small business event: Grow With Google in Washington, DC.

I was one of roughly 100 small business owners (the only one from Montana) who traveled from around the country to meet, exchange ideas, learn from each other and participate in breakout  sessions presented by Google’s best and brightest.

I met some pretty cool people.

One young couple started making learn-to-crochet kits during the pandemic and less than a year later had a million dollar in sales, quit their jobs and were trying to figure out how to have their kits produced overseas so they could keep up with demand.

A woman from Atlanta taught herself to blog and created Ice Cream Convos, an entertainment and celebrity news website that generated more than enough advertising revenue for her to quit her job, and then for her husband to quit his.

I met a team of people who run a wildly successful olive oil importing and eCommerce business, the owner/founder of a kids furniture company in New York City and a couple who reclaim wood from teardown houses in Detroit and turn it into high end furniture.

My favorite part of this event was meeting other business owners and learning how they built their companies. Hearing their stories was truly inspiring. It also made me realize that while we spend so much time helping our clients tell their stories, we need to make sure we’re also telling our own! 

So we’ve made a few updates to our website to share a bit more of Gecko’s origin story. We’d love to share it with you. Check it out here, and let us know what you think!

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Michael Sweet 3 weeks ago
The Converge Foundation team really enjoyed working with Gecko Designs. It was our first foray into a professional website, and we had lots of ideas and much to consider. The folks at Gecko guided us through the process and we ended with a product that not only met our needs but was visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Our foundation works with a wide array of persons with varying abilities, so it was important for our foundation to have a website that was accessible. Gecko had the tools and background to support that objective.
Katy Doss a month ago
We found Gecko Designs when we were in a huge bind with another website developer. Gecko jumped in and handled a huge technical project for our agency, and was a true pleasure to work with. We appreciated the thoughtfulness they brought to the project, and look forward to working with them again!
Jessica Zephyrs a month ago
Gecko took over a very complicated project when another agency wasn't able to finish, and we are very pleased with the partnership. The team is knowledgeable, efficient, excellent communicators, and adept problem solvers. So happy to be working with them.
Colleen Gallagher a month ago
After experiencing severe email deliverability issues for weeks, which is a huge problem for a small business, Gecko Designs was able to jump in and immediately uncover what was wrong and resolve the problems. They were extremely professional and helpful and I'm very grateful they got us up and running smoothly again.
Mackenzie Cole a month ago
We've worked with Gecko for nearly a decade. They've delivered two complicated sites for us and are always quick to help when we have a request or bump into an issue. They're great to work with, responsive, and solution oriented!