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Gecko Designs
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ADA compliant accessible websites for schools

Gecko Designs design and builds custom accessible websites for schools and school districts around the country.

The American’s with Disabilities Act mandates that school websites be accessible by individuals with vision and/or hearing impairments.  Blind people and people with vision impairments often use software that allows them to browse the internet with their ears.  Their computer reads the website to them and allows them to navigate through the website using their keyboard.

School websites that are not in compliance with the American’s with Disability Act (ADA) often times find themselves saddled with hefty fines from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) or worse yet, lawsuits, so getting a lawyer for this is important, and you can even go online for this get more info here. We seriously hope that such incident do not happen either to you or your relative/friend. But world over there have been instances when ailing people have suffered more or even died not because of the illness they suffered but due to medical malpractices of the medical staff including doctor and the medical institution. It is of course heartrending that people who were hoping to get themselves treated falls victim to the medical negligence and instead of recuperating they either suffer more of even lose their live. Sometimes such an incident shakes our faith in the medical fraternity even though you cannot blame all the doctors as there is just a minuscule of the medical staff who commits such a medical crime. The least you can do in such a situation is to sue people and organisation responsible for such medical negligence and the best person who can help you with it is the Medical Malpractice Attorney. You will get more information about the Manhattan Personal Injury Attorney.

Professional and beautiful accessible WordPress websites

Gecko Designs builds accessible websites that comply with WCAG and WAI-ARIA accessibility standards.  We recently designed and launched a fully accessible website solution for Stevensville Public Schools.

Gecko Designs created an accessible website solution for Stevensville High School which includes sports/team pages, clubs and activity pages, faculty and staff directories, calendars and other fully compliant content.

Stevensville Middle School

Stevensville Elementary School

Accessible faculty and staff website directories

Websites can include searchable and accessible staff and faculty directories that allow website visitors to easily find the contact information they are looking for.

Accessible board member content

Board member pages and directories can be made fully accessible and compliant.

Accessible school board policies

School districts oftentimes maintain large sets of policy documents that must be included on the website.  Gecko Designs can import this content and make it ADA compliant and accessible by users with vision or hearing impairments. The school board is a leading part within the public school system. School board members are elected by the citizens (the public) to represent their interests in managing other parts of the educational system. Board members accomplish this in the short term by hiring skilled managers, setting operating policies, developing budgets, negotiating contracts, and approving curriculum materials. In the longer run, school boards serve their constituents best by creating a vision that guides decision-making on issues that anticipate future internal needs and external demands. So what can school boards do to increase family involvement in the schools? One important step to take would be a commitment by board members to increase specific programs and teacher practices that incorporate family engagement strategies. As well, when current initiatives and training opportunities are up for refunding, or when new policies come before the school board, members would lend the greatest support to those activities that contain plans for significant parent involvement.

Given the rather bleak landscape of local and state funding for education in the near future, it would seem reasonable to conclude that school board members have a compelling reason for taking actions that would increase the involvement (and therefore the felt sense of investment) of its main funders; i.e., the families of school-aged youth in their community, and the grandparents of those youth who have already received their education in the current district or elsewhere. Bottom line: a strong school board will support strong family involvement in the educational process.

Accessible school sports team pages

School sports teams and coaches often have unique page requirements.  For instance, one sport may require multiple rosters, schedules and player or coach profiles.  Another team may simply require a brief announcement.  Our accessible and ADA compliant sports pages allow coaches and organizers to create flexible team pages that meet their unique needs.

Accessible club and activity pages

School music (band, orchestra and choir) classes or clubs can create their own unique accessible ADA compliant pages.

School websites with accessible news, forms and eCommerce content

Your school website may also include accessible, compliant news postings, submittable forms and eCommerce functionality.


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Gecko Designs, LLC
523 N Higgins Ave
Missoula, MT 59802

(406) 662-1123

523 N Higgins Ave, Missoula
Courtney Firak 2 months ago
Working with the team at Gecko Designs has been fantastic! I worked closely with Ali to create a new meetings website and she was so patient with all the changes to copy and took the time to walk me through the back-end of Word Press. I am confidently making changes on own but know that any request will be done quickly. The team was even very responsive over a weekend to meet a deadline. Highly, highly recommend!
PHC Missoula 3 months ago
Gecko's team does great work. We had a fairly complex request with a variety of stakeholder interests at play. Their team listened carefully and responded thoughtfully to our needs throughout the process! We were very pleased with the process and thrilled with the final product they provided.
Ronald Richker in the last week
The website that was built for us does not work on all browsers. Specifically, the product configurator, the most important part of the website, produces an error on older browsers. Very disappointed and frustrated.
Libby Addington 8 months ago
Gecko brings an immense amount of talent and expertise to any project, adding value and saving us time at every step of the process. We've been blown away by their balance of creative capability (across strategy, ideation, design and execution) with impeccable execution, on time and on budget every time. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Mark Thome 5 months ago
Gecko Designs had us at the lead phrase on their home page: "If you're tired of flakey freelancers and want to work with a team of professional, reliable experts, you've come to the right place!" We were at that point developing our site that we needed to step up to a professional team with a demonstrated portfolio of blue-chip sites, and the expertise to help bring our crazy ideas to fruition. We're looking forward to The Missoula Underground being a vital part of the Northwestern Montana scene, and the first step was picking up the phone and having a conversation with Gabe. Don't hesitate to hire their team, they are ACES at web design and development. Thanks, Gecko!
We’ve been working so hard making our clients look good, we neglected our own brand for quite a few years (25 to be exact...)! New look comin’ at ya Fall 2020! Has it been awhile since you’ve re-branded? We get it! Call us and we can help! (406) 662-1123