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The Transformative Power of Kindness

April 26, 2024 Libby Agency, Marketing

In the fast-paced world of marketing, the dynamics of the agency-client relationship are often underscored by deadlines, budgets, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. However, Jared Belsky, a seasoned agency executive and author of You Get the Agency You Deserve, presents a compelling case for a fundamental, yet often overlooked, ingredient to a successful partnership: kindness.

There are countless points of insight in this book, but one stood out to me above all the rest.

Drawing from a LinkedIn poll conducted in 2022, Belsky asked agency leaders what motivates them to work hard for a client.

Surprisingly, the top response was not financial incentives or creative freedom, but “kindness.” This simple act of treating each other with respect and consideration is not as common as one might expect in the industry, yet its impact is profound.

Kindness in the agency-client context goes beyond mere niceties. According to Belsky, it is a strategic advantage that can yield substantial economic benefits.

When agency teams feel genuinely cared for by their clients, the effects are transformative.

There is an observable increase in team retention, a surge in the quality of creative ideas, and a deeper commitment to the client’s objectives. Essentially, kindness doesn’t just feel good—it works.

Belsky highlights a rather stark reality: many agency professionals are accustomed to harsh treatment throughout their careers. This “hazard of the job” sets a low bar for what is considered acceptable behavior within the industry. Therefore, when a client chooses to break this cycle by embodying kindness and understanding, they set the stage for a thriving partnership that stands out in the industry.

For clients looking to maximize their relationships with their agencies, the path is clear. Embracing kindness not only uplifts the spirits but also enhances the collaborative output.

It’s about seeing the agency not just as a vendor, but as a valued partner whose well-being directly contributes to the success of your projects.

As we navigate the complexities of marketing strategies and campaigns, let us not forget the power of simple human kindness. It might just be your most strategic asset in fostering a productive, creative, and enduring agency-client relationship. By investing in kindness, clients can achieve not only better results but also contribute to a healthier, more ethical marketing ecosystem.

Check out Belsky’s book here: You Get The Agency You Deserve: 20 Practical and Emotional Lessons to Maximize Your Agency and Partner Relationship

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Michael Sweet 3 weeks ago
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We found Gecko Designs when we were in a huge bind with another website developer. Gecko jumped in and handled a huge technical project for our agency, and was a true pleasure to work with. We appreciated the thoughtfulness they brought to the project, and look forward to working with them again!
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We've worked with Gecko for nearly a decade. They've delivered two complicated sites for us and are always quick to help when we have a request or bump into an issue. They're great to work with, responsive, and solution oriented!